Morning Health Check

Disinfection Procedures

Felicita Montessori School

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Felicita Montessori School is currently in the process of modifying its operations for the 2020-21 School Year to meet state and county health guidelines. As we finalize various changes, they will be posted here.

Children, Staff and Family Members are not to come to the school if ill. No child is to be given fever reducing medication prior to coming to school.

 Current state orders require adults and children (three years and older) to wear a mask upon arrival at and inside the facility. Should this change after distribution of this handbook, parents will be notified.

1.  Using a touchless thermometer, temperatures will be taken of children and *parents.      If a child has a fever, the child will not be accepted for attendance. 

2.  Staff member will also do a visual health assessment of child and *parent.  If a child        appears to be ill- lethargic, coughing, nasal discharge, etc., the child will not be              accepted for attendance.
3.  Once a child has been accepted for attendance, the child will be escorted to                    playground by a staff member.

*The health assessment of the parent determines whether or not they have the right to enter the facility if they insist on doing so.

Covid-19 Modifications

for the 2020-21 School Year

Daily Facility Cleaning  

Using disinfectant- surfaces are sprayed, rubbed, left to dry.

Classroom Areas A, B, C, D
Door Handles
Chairs (backs and seat edges top and bottom)
Shelves and Shelf Work
Rest Rooms
Door Handles
Sink Handles  (after each use)
Toilet Seats & Flush Handles  (after each use)
Paper Towel Dispensers
Common Areas such Hallways
Door Handles
Flat Surfaces where Big and Little Hands Touch

Spot Disinfecting will be done throughout the day.

Outside Play Areas are less vulnerable as they are in UV and wind. However, disinfecting will take place as needed.

AirOasis G3 series air purifiers have been installed in all
classrooms (3000g3) and bathrooms (1000g3).

To learn more about these purifiers, visit

Social Distancing Modifications

Stable Groups:

As required by state and county health guidelines, our four classes will remain stable groups of 12 or fewer children.

  • Classes are not allowed to mix.
  • Lunch Areas/Playgrounds: Rooms B, C, and D will utilize our current lunch patio with distancing modifications. We have modified our current playground into 3 separate playground areas that will be used by these groups. 
  • Room A Lunch Area/Playground: We will be adding a lunch area and playground to our front yard for use by Room A (our youngest group).