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Felicita Montessori School prepares young children ages 2-5 for academic and social success.  We believe in providing quality childcare for the North County and Escondido areas of San Diego.   Please contact us for a tour now.

Why are we different?

Picking the right school for your preschooler can be a daunting task.  We are here to help.   We built our school because we believe children should have a safe place to learn, grow and nourish before they enter into the academic world.

Key Features of the Felicita Montessori Preschool and Kindergarten program:

  • Privately owned and operated
  • Small class sizes
  • Individualized attention 
  • Natural colors and lighting to provide a warm environment
  • Large outdoor play area with activities for all ages
  • Continuity of care  
  • Snacks included
  • Open 6:30 AM to 5 PM
  • Enrichment Programs available
  • Water stations accessible for children

Many parents ask what they should expect when they first bring their child to our preschool.  

Below is a typical day at Felicita Montessori School.  

A day in the life of our students...

For children who arrive prior to school hours:

  • We have our extended care program designed just for them.
  • Age appropriate toys and activities are available for them to enjoy.

Our school day begins:

  • Children start their day in fun play time in our large, safe outdoor play area.  We have age appropriate outdoor equipment that allows children the ability to exercise and utilize some of that never ending stored energy.
  • The school bell rings around 9:15 each morning.  The children line up based on their classroom to enter into the building.  Yes, your child will be able to easily follow this daily routine!  
  • Preschoolers often need encouragement on bathroom routines, so it is our first stop on our way in.  The children are taught cleanliness and hygiene.   We then head to the classroom.

Circle time begins our morning activities:  

  • This is a great way to settle the class and begin our day.   Depending on the teacher, your child may sing songs, read books, share stories and learn about a new topic.   Circle time ends and "work" time begins.   Yes, you read that right, work time and children love it!   Your child will often hear you talk about your work and now they have their own work too.  
  • See our tab on Our Technique to learn more about the type of work your child will encounter.    Each child learns at a different pace and individualized work time allows for that to happen.   Your child's teacher will help guide them, provide instruction when needed and support them through their own natural learning process.   In fact, other children often help each other out and learn from each other.   If this sounds strange, we understand.  Most of us have only experienced traditional learning methods and this isn't traditional.   Information on the Our Technique tab will provide more information, but we encourage you to come check us out and see "work" in action.

We provide a morning snack for the children.  

  • Snacks can range from fresh fruit, crackers, cheese, nuts and seeds.  
  • Special care is taken to accommodate children with food allergies.

Majority of our morning is spent working.  

  • Each class will have a different theme for the month and our practical life sections of the room will change to match the season or theme.  For example, during the month of March expect to see the rooms filled with green and shamrocks.  Children will pick their activities based on their interest.  
  • We encourage them to explore and learn.   Check out our parent testimonials to hear first hand how the Montessori learning method has helped so many children grow socially and academically and prepared them for elementary school.
  • Our mornings include the opportunity to participate in extra-curricular enrichment programs we host on site for the children including Soccer Shots and Tumble Gym Bus.

Lunch time quickly arrives

  • The children will collect their own lunch boxes and head outside to enjoy fresh weather while they eat.   We have plenty of room inside in the event of acclimate weather.  
  • After lunch, children are given free time to play outside.    
  • For children who only attend the half day program, they will be picked up by 12:15 PM.  

After free play, it is back inside to wind down and rest.  

  • Our daily naptime runs from 12:30-2:30.
  • We then have an afternoon snack and continue our daily activities. 

Our school day ends at 3:00 PM.  

  • For children who stay for our extended care program, the socialization continues until 5:00 PM.  
  • Children are provided a variety of age-appropriate toys and activities to enjoy. 

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Felicita Montessori School
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