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Felicita Montessori School

What our parents think...

"We are starting our third school year at Felicita Montessori School and love it.  One of my biggest struggles as a working mom is feeling comfortable leaving my little one with someone else all day.  The staff at Felicita Montessori School treat us like family and I know she is being well-cared for.  My daughter started in the two year old room, where her potty training was supported and she learned how to share, clean up her messes, and use kind words. In the three year old room and now in Pre-K she is learning her pre-reading skills, personal responsibility, awareness of schedules/calendars/time/weather, writing skills, and many other things like gardening and fun animal facts.  They also do creative and fun crafts and projects that she just loves.  My favorite part is that she comes home happy every day telling me about what she did and what she learned.  I wish the school had elementary grades, but we will be back for future summers as the have fun themed camps weekly." 

-Christine L.

"I heard about this preschool from one of my teaching colleagues.  She told me Felicita Montessori Preschool was one of Escondido's "best kept secrets".  Honestly, I couldn't agree with her more after watching my son "blossom" in Ms. Duvall's classroom over the past year.   The preschool staff encourages the children to learn and develop in such a nurturing environment.   The curriculum is outstanding - my son loves all the "projects".  The facility is clean and bright, with lots of outdoor space. There is even new security, with locked access into the facility.   As a part-time, working parent, I really appreciated the flexibility with scheduling.   I was able to schedule my son's preschool schedule around my current work schedule (not the typical T/TH or M/W/F) versus changing my work schedule.   After viewing the program at the facility and talking with the staff, I knew this preschool was the "right place" for our family."
- Kelly Cavanaugh

"It's hard to believe it was 6 years ago that our first daughter started at Felicita Montessori.  Now, our youngest will be finishing kindergarten this fall.  We immediately fell in love with the school.   It's old country charm and heartwarming staff makes the children feel right at home.   They are encouraged to explore and develop their own areas of interest and develop their strengths.  Our daughters both entered first grade with such and advantage having being through the Felicita Montessori Program.  They were well on their way reading, math and practical knowledge." 
-Josh Shelton

"We love Felicita Montessori!  We transferred our daughter half way through her preschool year from another school and it is amazing how much she has learned and grown.   Every teacher is amazing!!! We will be sad to go after our daughter's kindergarten year is over."
- Melissa Sanchez

"Our daughter began Felicita Montessori when she was 2 ½ years old; as she turns  4 ½  she is more than ready for kindergarten in the fall, with reading, counting, adding, and subtracting regular parts of her daily activities.  The Montessori program has allowed her to learn at her own pace, and with the careful attention of her teachers, she has flourished both academically and socially.  As we prepare to begin the next phase of her schooling, we know that the lessons she has learned at Felicita Montessori will be the lasting foundation upon which her future academic successes will be built."

-Greg Campbell-Cunefare

“We have been thrilled with Felicita Montessori. Our daughter loves it and her younger sister can’t wait to “go to school” there, too. Thank you for all of your wonderful work, Ms. Duvall!”
— Eric and Kristen Bottger

“Felicita Montessori has provided my children with an excellent education. They are soaring above my expectations. The teachers are amazing and provide a loving and nurturing environment.”
— Jennifer Burrows

“Our child has blossomed academically and socially during her time at Felicita Montessori. It is a small, personal atmosphere that our daughter enjoys and we feel adds a personal touch to her day.”
— Ronald and Julie Morgans

“We are so happy with Felicita Montessori. Avery is excited to go to school every day.  She is learning so many new things and has really opened up socially since going to Felicita Montessori. We are very grateful for the staff at Felicita Montessori.”
— Damon and Jessie Vinje

“Felicita Montessori offers a wonderful learning environment. My four year old daughter looks forward to school each day. She is thriving, confident and excited about learning.” 
— Patricia Walby

“Felicita Montessori (as well as the former Children’s Montessori) has been a place where both our daughters have learned and thrived.”
— Finbar Mulvey and Cheryl Ricketts-Mulvey

“I am very appreciative to Felicita Montessori for all that my son has learned. I find all the teachers patient, understanding and loving. My only regret is that my son will have to leave after kindergarten.”
— Shiloh Chang